The first few weeks of winter aren’t that bad. Mostly that’s because they contain the promise of Christmas and New Year celebrations, so everyone’s having too much fun to notice the icy weather setting in for the long haul.

Come mid-January, however, the fun of the Yuletide season has long faded. People are staring down the barrel of another month or two of cold weather and early nightfalls, and Christmas could hardly be further away.

It’s a bleak time, in short, and the third Monday of this month has its own bleak nickname as a result – Blue Monday, commonly referred to as the most depressing day of the year thanks to an ad campaign that took on a life of its own. All this bleakness no doubt contributes to the fact that mid-January is also a common breaking point for New Year’s resolutions. Who can resolve to do anything in the face of these freezing, dark conditions?

Well, DW Fitness First is hoping it can help you keep your fitness resolutions. The doors to all of its 121 gyms nationwide will be thrown open to everyone this Blue Monday, which falls on the 15th January in 2018.

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You can visit any gym, any time, and attend any class you like. There’s no need to book in advance, just rock up and work up a good sweat. There’s no better way to start the week, and it will hopefully breathe new life into any New Year’s resolutions that you’ve come dangerously close to ditching.

Every class on the timetable will be open to all, including Fitness First’s latest launch SPARR – a high-intensity boxing class that should be absolutely perfect for anyone looking to let off a little steam by hitting things until exhausted.

Other classes we recommend checking out are SHRED – a mix of high-intensity drills and compound lifts – and Pro Cycling, a 40-minute spin class designed to improve your speed, power, endurance and strength on the bike. The latter is ideal for those in winter training and starting to despair of solo turbo training.

To find your local branch of DW Fitness First, and for more info on the classes available to try on Blue Monday, head to


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